The S1 German course has been recently updated to take into account the principles of a Curriculum for Excellence. Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing are embedded into the S1 course. This enables teachers to ensure that the standards and expectations laid out in a Curriculum for Excellence are rigorously applied.


Pupils will build upon their experience of German in the Primary School to develop the skills of reading, listening, talking and writing.


Throughout the S1 course, pupils learn about the culture and traditions of German-speaking countries; learn to use a German/English dictionary and have opportunities to read and listen for pleasure. The Echo 1 course book and Active Learning software are used to support and consolidate learning in class.

The main grammar focus is on the use of the present and near future tenses. Pupils also develop the ability to use connectives, adjectives and opinion phrases with confidence.

The S1 course is divided up into a Bridging Unit and three main themes:

Theme 1 – German-speaking countries

Theme 2 – Learning in different countries

Theme 3 – Freetime activities