Course Content

The course is divided into 2 Units.

Unit 1: Language This Unit covers 3 broad themes:

  • Lifestyles (family; friends; society; leisure; healthy living).
  • Education and Work (school; careers).
  • The wider world (holidays and travel; tourism).

Through reading and listening, pupils acquire the knowledge required for discussion of the topic. Pupils learn to express views in German both orally and in writing.

Unit 2: Extended reading and viewing: Pupils read a short novel written for native German speakers or study a film and transcript in the foreign language.

Information Technology

Pupils are encouraged to make use of the Internet, on-line Scholar materials and VLE for independent study and to re-draft written work using word processing.


Regular completion of homework is an integral element of learning. For example pupils are expected to learn grammar, vocabulary and phrases thoroughly, complete reading assignments from the novel/film transcript, prepare for speaking tests and complete written tasks. Pupils should have access at home to a reasonably large bilingual dictionary for the purposes of homework and independent study.


A. In school assessments:

Unit 1: 1 listening test and 1 reading test on any of the 3 themes.

1 speaking test which will cover topics from 2 themes.

Unit 2: 1 writing test – (based on study of the novel/film).

B. The external exam consists of: 1 test in listening (20%).

1 test in reading (30%).

2 tests in writing (25%).

The speaking test done in unit 1 also counts towards the final course award (25%).