Advanced Higher German

Course Content

The course is divided into 2 Units:

Unit 1 – Language – this unit covers 3 broad themes:

  • Personal and social issues.
  • Topical and cultural issues.
  • Environmental issues.
    • Pupils study 2 literary texts. Currently pupils study “Der Besuch der alten Dame” and “Goodbye Lenin”

Unit 2 – Extended Reading

Pupils may select a background topic for independent study as an alternative to the second literary text. The topic should relate to a German speaking country. It can be chosen from one of the following areas: geography, history, politics, economics, music, the arts.

Information Technology

Pupils are encouraged to use the internet, VLE and German Scholar materials on-line for research purposes and to redraft written work using word processing.


Various regular homework tasks are essential to the successful completion of the course. For example pupils have to prepare the literary texts for discussion in class, do grammar exercises, prepare and write essays (see below), prepare speaking presentations, study current affairs in German speaking countries, do research on the background topic etc.


A Internal

Unit 1:

  • 1 listening and 1 reading test on any of the 3 themes.
  • 1 speaking test covering topics from the language themes.

Unit 2:

  • 1 piece of writing in the foreign language on the literary text.

B External

Speaking test in February/March with visiting examiner (25%).

Folio Writing: Essays in English, 2 for literature, 1 for background topic

for submission to SQA in April (15%)

Exam in May/June:

1 test in listening/discursive writing (35%)

1 test in translating/reading comprehension (25%).